What To Do Before You Sell Phone In Ireland? (Explained)

If you are going to sell your phone in Ireland, whether selling it to a company or an individual, there are some things you should do to remove your personal information and make sure your phone is safe to sell.

This also makes it easier for the new phone user to set up their accounts and provides plenty of storage space for them.

Here’s What To Do Before You Sell A Phone

Before you sell a phone to AthCom or anywhere else, you will need to remove all your information from it. Even if you trust the person you are selling it to, it’s not a good idea to leave all your information available to them. Taking the time to prepare your phone before you sell it will ensure your personal information is secure and will make it easier for the new owner of the phone to add their own accounts.

Woman preparing smartphone before selling to AthCom.ie
Woman preparing smartphone before selling to AthCom.ie

What Needs To Be Done Before Selling An iPhone?

If you are going to sell your iPhone to AthCom take these steps to ensure you can do so safely.

1. Back-Up The Phone

Back up any important information on the phone or the entire phone itself. If you need to retrieve something at a later point, you will have it and be able to access it from your new phone or another device.

2. Transfer Information From The Phone

If you want to make things faster and easier when setting up your new phone, you will want to transfer the information to your new phone. This can be done quickly and easily and your new phone should walk you through the process.

3. Remove Sim Cards

If you have a Sim card in your phone, take it out. You will likely be able to add it to your new phone and use it there.

If you don’t take your Sim card out you may have to buy a new one and it could also leave your personal information on the old phone.

4. Erase The Device

Remove all your accounts and personal information from the device and then do a factory reset.

This gets rid of any data on the phone and will not make it available to anyone who purchases the phone.


What Needs To Be Done Before Selling Android?

If you need to sell your Android phone (e.g Samsung), there are certain things you should do to prepare it before you sell it.

1. Deactivate Your Phone

Let your carrier know you are getting a new phone and ask them to deactivate the old one.

You can do this before you sell it or at the time of buying your new phone so you can get it up and running faster.

2. Back-Up The Data

Back up the data on your old phone and save it to a Sim card or a drive that you can access from other devices.

This will allow you to access it if you need to at a later time.

3. Remove Sim Cards

Remove the sim card and transfer it to your new phone if possible.

This will take the information on it with it so you won’t worry about leaving it behind in the old phone.

4. Erase Personal Information

If you are logged into accounts or have personal apps on the phone, log out of them and delete them.

A factory reset will not remove all this information so it’s best to do it yourself.

Is Factory Reset Enough Before Selling The Phone?

Many people think that they only need to do a factory reset on their phone to clear out all their personal information and take it back to how it was when they bought it.

The truth is, a factory reset isn’t always enough to remove your data from a phone.

The factory reset will remove all information from the phone itself, but if you had information in the cloud, that information may still be stored and could be accessed by someone who has your new phone.

You should make sure you remove all of your accounts before you do a factory reset to ensure nobody can access your accounts.

Does A Factory Reset Remove All Data Permanently?

A factory reset doesn’t remove all the data from a phone, but it will override the master file and make it so that data is no longer available on the phone.

If the data was formatted, it can be recovered by someone who is familiar with data recovery programs.

That’s why it is important to remove your information manually too just in case someone is able to recover the phone after it was reset.

Does Factory Reset Remove Your Accounts?

A factory reset removes accounts from your phone, but it will not remove them from the cloud. You will need to do that manually.

You can do it before you do the factory reset for the best results. If you remove the information from the cloud, you will be able to access your accounts from your new device or other devices.

Doing this will protect your accounts in case your phone is being sold to someone else, they cannot access your accounts through the phone.

Can Photos Be Recovered After A Factory Reset?

In most cases, it is possible to recover photos and other information from a phone that has had a factory reset. You will need a professional recovery tool to do this.

Many companies will also do this with the process of data recovery so if you don’t have a lot of technical experience and are worried you may mess things up worse, it might be better to just have a professional do it for you.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to sell your phone in Ireland, there are different options for doing so.

Regardless of who you are selling it to, you need to make sure you take the steps that are necessary for removing your information from the phone and the cloud.

This will prevent anyone from obtaining that information and will keep you safe.

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