4 Ways to Sell Very Old Mobile Phones in Ireland? (Solved)

While getting a new phone is easy, there is always a thought about what you can do with your remaining old gadget.

We all don’t like keeping our very old phones. Some even prefer to throw them away or donate them to someone.

This is because you don’t have an option with your phone or don’t know who to sell to or if you can sell that old phone in Ireland.

If you have such questions in your mind, we are here to provide you with explained answers as to whether you can sell your very old mobile phones in Ireland. Stay tuned as we delve deeper.

Let’s Find Out If You Can Sell Very Old Mobile Phones in Ireland

Yes, you can sell very old mobile phones in Ireland. It does not matter if your phone is really old or damaged; you will still get some value for it. Usually, online old phone buyers will purchase your very old phone and recycle or repair its valuable features.

Old smartphones sold to AthCom.ie
Old smartphones sold to AthCom.ie

You will earn money for that old phone depending on age, condition, make, and model. You must sell it to an honest and reliable buyer like AthCom for an effortless experience.

We understand that knowing who to sell your old phone to is usually the main problem. And that’s why selling your old phone online will be a great way to get that instant cash and the best price for your phone.

So, yes, you can sell very old mobile phones in Ireland. You get a good value if the phone is:

  • In suitable condition
  • Premium device
  • Popular like Samsung and iPhone are in great demand
  • In a common color


What Should I Do with Very Old Mobile Phones?

First, you can sell it AthCom, a reliable online old or used phone-buying company. You can also trade it, donate, and recycle the old phone. Below we explain better what you should do with your very old mobile phones; Take a look.

1. Sell It to AthCom

We understand that selling your old phone can be challenging, especially if you do not know how to proceed. To help you on what to do with that old phone is to sell it to AthCom. It is a quick and straightforward process. 

How it works is simple, you send AthCom your device in the condition that it is, and AthCom will present you with the best price for your phone, and upon accepting the offer, you will be paid cash.

The good thing about working with AthCom is that they will even help you erase personal information in your phone if you have forgotten to do so, meaning we value your security.

So, rather than throwing that very old phone, you sell it to AthCom and get some cash. Doing that saves the environment, and your phone is improved to help someone else benefit from it, indirectly extending a helping hand.

2. Trade It In

Another thing you can do with your very old phone is to trade it in. You can exchange your old mobile phone for accessories, vouchers, bills, and gift certificates. The phone’s value is usually analyzed; from there, the phone companies will trade in your device.

Most old phones traded in are usually refurbished, or some parts are recycled to be used again. It also serves as a way of protecting the environment from water and soil pollution.

3. Donate the Very Old Phone

You can also donate your very old phone to charities. They usually take them if you are comfortable not being paid for them. However, it is a nice thing to do compared to throwing it or leaving it in the drawers.

Charities will take your phone to a recycling company, making money. Ensure you check your phone before you donate it and wipe off all the information so that your valuable personal information will be safe.

Alternatively, you can donate the phone to your relatives or friends, provided you are sure they won’t throw it away.

4. Recycle It

Do you like going green? Recycling your old phone is the best option. You may also get paid by doing this. You can sell your phone to recycling companies like Apple and Vodafone. They will recycle your phone together with other electronic features.

Recycling makes each part of your phone to be disposed of safely or reused, eliminating the chances of your device ending up in a landfill.

Can I Get Any Money for an Old Phone?

Yes, you can get money from that old phone. It all depends on the phone’s condition, model, and make.

Whether your phone is damaged or very old, you must get some money if you sell it to an honest and reliable buyer. It is also vital to note that as a seller if you want to get the best out of your phone, you need to do the following:

1. Be Detailed and Truthful

You have to be detailed and truthful when explaining everything about your phone. Please do not lie or exaggerate anything about your old phone. If it does not have some capabilities or has a condition, it is good to say it.

Being honest and detailed will make your selling seamless and worth it. If your old phone has other issues, let the buyer know. Also, ensure you mention what your phone is best at, its luring features, and so much more.

2. Be quick with Selling that Phone

New mobile phone models are being launched yearly, meaning your old phone is losing value daily. The longer you stay with it, the more its market value decreases.

3. Clean the Phone Thoroughly

As they say, looks matter, so before you sell the old phone, ensure you clean it so that it can have an excellent impression. You can use cleaning foam and a soft microfiber cloth to clean your phone.

Ensure you start with the cases and screen protectors and clean them thoroughly until they look new.

What Should I Do with an Old Phone That Doesn’t Work?

One of the appropriate things to do with that old phone that does not work is to recycle. You can sell it to a recycling company or recycle some of its features. Other options are to sell to AthCom or donate it.

Here we explain some insights on what to do with an old phone that doesn’t work. 

1. Recycle the Phone

Rather than throwing that phone that is not working, you can recycle it. You must understand that phones have harmful chemicals like bromine, mercury, and lead which take longer to decompose when you expose them to the environment. They will cause water and soil pollution, which may harm human beings.

You can opt for many options, like selling your phone to a recycling company. They take your old phone and refurbish or recycle some of the working components so that they use them again.

By doing this, you are protecting the environment and even yourself. Phone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, etc. usually take old phones for recycling and offer you gift cards as compensation.

You can access their websites for any recycling and repair information.

Alternatively, you can recycle the old phone that is not working into a wallet. Yes, it may sound crazy, but it does work. Your phone can serve as a good wallet in your house. You must strip off all the gadgets inside the phone and remain with the outer case. As simple as that. You will create your wallet depending on what you possess.

2. Practice DIY with It

Do you want to conquer your fears? Then that malfunctioning old phone would be the best way to overcome your fears with tech gadgets. You can start by replacing the old screen and see how it goes. It will sound hard, but it is not bad to try.

You can as well disassemble and reassemble it. You will understand your phone’s internals better, which helps you when you get a new gadget.

3. Retail It for Parts

Other buyers might be interested in using some parts of your phone to refurbish their phones. You can sell your phone for parts and earn something from it. It will be worth it compared to throwing it away and not getting something out.

4. Take the Mobile Phone to the Nearest Repair Shop

It is usually not bad to try. Do not give up on your old phone quickly. It may be repaired and get back to functioning as normal. If it has stopped working because of a broken screen, it can be fixed at your nearest phone repair shop. Other small repairs like faulty charging or broken battery you can replace at an affordable fee, so that should not worry you.

Other options we mentioned before are like selling that old phone not working to AthCom. You will get some cash out of it, while your phone will be refurbished to help someone else. 

You can as well donate it to charities. However, you will not get something out of it, but your phone will be refurbished. Another option is to give it to a friend or family member. They can refurbish or repair it and eventually use it.

Lastly, you can check if the old phone that is not working is covered under warranty. If there is any damage on it, making it not work, then your phone will be repaired or replaced. Check your warranty card and receipt to see if your phone can be repaired.

iPhone users can head on to settings and see if the gadget is still under warranty. Remember always to keep the boxes of your old phone well and anything valuable.


Can you sell very old mobile phones in Ireland? The answer is yes!

You can sell it to AthCom for a fair and honest price. Your old mobile phone can be repaired, recycled, or refurbished to help someone else. Please don’t throw it away in a landfill or the drawers.

Many interested buyers want it. Depending on the old phone’s make, design, model, and condition, you will be given a value for it. At AthCom, we are ready to receive your old mobile phone and pay you instantly upon analyzing its value.

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