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Frequently Asked Questions

How does AthCom work?

To find out the estimated value of your device, just follow these steps:
Find your item on If the item is not on our website, unfortunately, we do not accept it.

Once you’ve found your item, let us know what condition it’s in by answering a few questions.

Please remember the rating of “Flawless” would be for an item that appears and functions as if it has never been used.

If you like our offer just complete the checkout process and tell us how you’d like to get paid: Cheque or PayPal. Shipping is FREE!

Our offer is valid for 10 days but the faster you send it in, the quicker you’ll get paid. Once we receive your package, the AthCom team will check out the contents and pay you quickly.

Please note: If what you send in does not match the condition you described online, you will be given a revised offer. You’ll have the option to decline the new offer during a holding window of 5 days. If you decline the offer we’ll send your item back to you but you will have to pay for the shipping.

Can I sell my phone if it is locked to a network provider?

Yes. It is however advised that you unlock your phone from your network service provider before sending it to us to get the maximum value. If you suspect that your phone is locked to a provider, then please contact them in order to unlock your phone.

What do I do if I don’t have the original box or accessories?

You do recommend you to send us the original box and accessories but if you won’t have it that is not a problem we can still accept your phone. Just make sure you wrap the phone securely so it doesn’t get damaged in transit. The offer price will be reflected based on what you send to us.

What do I need to do before sending my phone?

Before sending us your phone, please ensure the below:
1. Find My iPhone (FMI) has been switched off. 
2. The phone has been erased.
3. Your phone is unlocked, meaning that it is not locked to a service provider.
4. You have removed the SIM card.
Once this has been completed, simply pack the phone in a box or padded envelope and send it via AnPost FREEPOST service.

Can I send my phone via other courier services?

Yes, you can ship the phone with any other service at your own expense. We recommend for high-end devices that you send the phone via registered post or tracked courier service.

Can I cancel the offer?

If you have filled in the sales form but no longer wish to sell your phone to us, you can simply keep the phone and not ship it to us, thus cancelling your sale. If you have already shipped your phone, you may cancel the sale at any time before your phone has moved to the payment queue by contacting our customer service. You will however have to pay for the return shipping.

How do I sell more than one phone?

AthCom is set up for individual users selling under 10 items per transaction. Each phone needs a separate offer made for it, and we have tried to make this as easy as possible so that you get the maximum value for each device you want to sell.

AthCom offers bulk trade-in services for organizations with 10 or more mobile devices, laptops, or tablets through a strategic partnership. This service is tailored to the needs of businesses and organizations looking to responsibly dispose and/or monetize unwanted or broken inventory. If you have questions please email us and we can provide you with the information you need

How is the quote for my phone calculated?

The initial price estimate is calculated based on your description of the phone’s condition, as well as the cost of potential repairs. The phone’s model and storage capacity may also affect the price. This price estimate is subject to change upon inspection. If the phone’s condition does not match what has been stated when the offer was made, you will be contacted with a revised price.

What if I am not satisfied with the price?

If you are unsatisfied with the initial price estimate, you can decide not to sell us your phone. If we have inspected your phone and it is in worse condition than you indicated, we will contact you with a revised offer which you can choose to accept or have us send your phone back at an additonal cost.

How will I get updates on my offer?

We will keep you updated on the status of your offer via email. If you haven’t received an update, please be sure to check your junk email folder. If you still cannot see a message from us, please contact our customer service.

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