AthCom Business Model (The Race for Latest & Greatest)

Whether it is cars or gadgets we live in an upgrade culture in which the “latest and greatest” gets old really fast.

Regardless of whether or not what we own is still useful, if there’s a newer, shinier model available, we can’t wait to reach for our wallet.

At AthCom, we’ve built a business around this culture. When we launched AthCom we established the reCommerce category in order to give new life to perfectly useful and valuable consumer electronics that are no longer wanted by the original owner.

Our goal, above all else, was to reward people for approaching consumption in a smart responsible way and to put technology in the hands of people who can’t afford the newest and shiniest.

Our business allows everyone to win.

The consumer gets cash for something they no longer want and can use the proceeds to offset the cost of a new device or use it to buy something else.

Someone else, often in a far-flung location, gets a high-end gadget that without reCommerce they might not be able to afford.

AthCom wins because we’re in the business of buying and re-selling high-end consumer electronics and, because of the seemingly insatiable demand around the world for used gadgets, we’re able to make a tidy profit.

And finally, the environment wins, because we’ve kept one more gadget out of a landfill.

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