Best Place to Sell My Mobile Phone in Ireland? (Identified)

Finding the best place to sell your apple or android mobile phone in Ireland can be challenging, especially if you aren’t aware of the phone market and what to expect when you sell your phone.

You will have to do lots of research and deliberation, and if you are vigilant, you may avoid falling into the hands of scammers.

There are many online and in-store phone buyers, but the question is, are they all the best?

Dealing with the best buyers will give you the best phone prices and instant cash.

In this article, we shall give you the best places to sell your apple or android mobile phone for instant cash in Ireland, among other topics.

Let’s explore!

These Are the Best Places to Sell Your Mobile Phone for Cash in Ireland

The best places to sell your phone for cash in Ireland include online, specifically AthCom, recycling companies, and social media. We shall look at each place to help you understand them better.

Woman happy to sell mobile phone to
Woman happy to sell the mobile phone to

1. AthCom

AthCom is an online used or old phone buyer committed to enhancing your selling experience. It’s a simple and convenient platform where you sell your used or old mobile phone for the best prices.

How it works is simple; You send your exact device, and upon checking and analyzing it, they issue a payment amount. You are not charged any hidden fees and have assured sale and instant cash.

The other good with AthCom is that they pay you cash, not store credit. You can be paid through cheque or PayPal. Additionally, you can get same-day payment when your phone is received.

Imagine that! On top of it, you are assured of honest pricing, meaning you are not risking, and your data is protected.

They help you erase your data if you have forgotten to do so. The bottom line is, to recycle your mobile phone for cash with AthCom.


2. Recycling Companies

There are legit recycling companies that can buy your mobile phone.

This can be beneficial if you want to go green.

You can visit a recycling company near you and sell your phone to them.

Each component of your phone will be recycled or disposed of safely, saving the environment from water and soil pollution.

3. Social Media

Regarding social media, we are talking about the Facebook marketplace. You can sell the phone by advertising it and getting a buyer. You can as well try eBay. Ensure you trace the buyer’s profile when using Facebook.

Please be alert and sense a scammer as soon as possible. When meeting with the buyer, connect in public places. You must also already have agreed on the price before the meeting.

When selling your phone online, here are seven tips that can help you to get the best deals; Take a look.

a. Use High-Quality Phone Images

Many usually don’t take good photos of their phones when selling them online. High-quality photos can make your phone stand out above all other phones and get buyers instantly. Especially if you have a good camera, your chances of getting a buyer are high.

The images should be clear, bright, and punchy. Add some glamour to it but do not exaggerate. You need to present the actual product elegantly.

If you exaggerate too much, it may cause suspicion to the buyer.

b. Provide an Honest and Detailed Information

Always ensure you write an honest and detailed description of your phone. It goes a long way in increasing the chances of getting a buyer. Be truthful. If your phone contains marks and cracks, write it. You can also include the following:

  • Its overall condition
  • Official specs
  • Age
  • If it is still under warranty
  • Any other accessories you include in the phone package

Don’t forget to state the outstanding features of the phone also. What distinguishes your phone from others? You can also include your device’s maximum battery capacity.

c. Do Not Give Too Much Personal Info

It’s good to understand that selling stuff online comes with its risk. You do not want to expose so much that scammers can use it against you. So, to avoid that, share as little information about yourself as possible. Only incorporate necessary details that benefit the buyer.

Don’t tell people your home address, phone number, or bank account details. If it’s urgent you speak with the buyer, you can do it on zoom.

d. Post the Mobile Phone on Several Platforms

You will find many marketplaces online that you can post on your phone. So, the more places you post it, the more you get deals.

Almost all the marketplaces allow you to talk with the buyer. Always remember to record any calls so that you have proof of the price you agreed with them. You can also take screenshots of messages to show evidence if they refuse to pay.

e. Time of the Sale

When you are done preparing your device for sale, you are usually tempted to start looking for buyers, which is much okay. However, there might be better ideas. You need to know the right time for sale, like before a launch of a much-anticipated phone that costs roughly the same price as yours.

Always post the phone when you are sure there are no critical upcoming events from the big smartphone companies.

f. Improve Your Negotiating Skills and Add Extra Accessories

It’s hard to find a buyer who can agree to your price without necessarily having to bargain. They also want a good deal like you. Therefore, you may have to increase your price slightly to compensate for the inevitable haggle.

If you get buyers who are good at bargaining, you can entice them by incorporating accessories in the package. Consider adding a spare charger, old earphones, a back cover, and a microSD card. The bottom line is adding anything relevant to your phone package to entice the buyer.

Additionally, if the phone you sell has a screen protector, you can let the buyer know.

g. Meet at a Public Place

You will have to meet if you are selling your phone on the Facebook marketplace. Ensure you meet in a public area rather than an isolated one. It is because you do not know who you are dealing with, and nowadays, scammers are everywhere. The good thing you can do is stay on your guard and prioritize your safety.

Your buyer will inspect the phone to see any issues before paying you. So, allow them to do so because it’s recommended.

4. Sell the Phone Online

If you have done everything above and you are good to go, the best thing you can do is sell the phone online for the best price. We understand that finding a buyer can be a hassle. That’s why we provide an alternative to help you save time and get instant cash.

You can sell that phone to an online company like for honest and best prices.

Where Can I Sell My Mobile Phone Instantly Online?

The best place to sell your phone online is at AthCom. As mentioned above, are committed to simplifying your selling experience by offering instant cash for your mobile phone in Ireland. Sell your phone to us today and get paid instantly via cheque or PayPal. are honest and transparent and makes selling easy and hassle-free.

Many of their customers have trusted them with their old or used mobile phones to give life to them, and they take that responsibility seriously.

Where Can I Sell My Mobile Phone In-Store?

Many phone stores allow you to walk in and sell your device in Ireland freely. They include cash converters, CeX, Vodafone, etc to mention a few.

So, if you have your old or used gadget, you can partner with these in stores to get that instant cash.

What Is the Difference Between Selling Phones Online vs In-Store?

Selling a used phone can be simple and technical at the same time. It depends on how you do it. You can walk in-store or browse the websites online to sell your used phone.

Here are some of the differences between selling phones online v/s in-store.

Selling Phones Online

When selling the phone online, you have to browse websites and look at reviews, and manufacturer specs, among other things, to get your phone bought. It involves attaching a description of your phone and posting it online or sending it to an online buyer for it to be analyzed and bought.

Here are some benefits of selling your phone online:

  • There is a variety. You are not limited to stores around you or local stores.
  • You have enough time to do your research without getting any pressure from the sales staff.
  • You can look at each manufacturer’s websites or buyers and any customer reviews alongside other sites of interest.
  • The process is quick and instant when you sell to honest online companies.
  • Returning your phone is easy.
  • You get instant cash.

Selling Phones In-Store

Selling your phone in-store involves walking around physically, locating a phone store, and selling your device there. It’s more of a physical process. You meet the buyer, and from there, you transact.

Some of the benefits of selling your phone instore are that:

  • They help you reset and erase your data if you have forgotten to do so.
  • It’s not technical.
  • Low chances of getting conned.
  • You get to have your phone if you are uncomfortable with the offer.

In-store or online? It all depends on your preferences. For online selling, you get various selections but need more support. On the other hand, with instore, it is not technical, and you receive more support from the staff.


The best place to sell your Apple or Android mobile phone is online, specifically at AthCom.

You will ask us why? And here is the answer, we are honest, reliable, and transparent.

You only have to send us the same device, and we will give you the payment amount presented in your offer.

Once the phone matches your description, you get paid instantly via PayPal or cheque.

We offer honest pricing, so you are not risking.

Selling your phone is quick and easy. We even help you erase your personal information if you have forgotten to do so.

Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to engage you.


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