How to find extra cash for your Christmas shopping

According to the RTÉ article which mentioned The Irish League of Credit Unions Survey, Irish consumers are expected to spend on average €600 this Christmas. It also reveals that half will have to borrow to meet the costs.

Who are these people who can spend €600 on average this Christmas? Where do they get the money from?

For the other half who will have to borrow, since their regular monthly budget doesn’t allow for Christmas shopping, why not consider some alternatives? Perhaps there is a better way to fund the festive celebrations without being debt-ridden.

While it’s common to hunt for discounts and bargains, many Irish shoppers don’t think about offsetting hefty costs by selling things they own and never use.

We’re not talking about planning a full-blown garage sale or spending hours on eBay, just quick and easy ways.

Some of the ways to earn lower-value money would be as below:

  • Sell unwanted gift cards on eBay or
  • Spend time online on Click to Pay (CTP) sites for cash.
  • Help your local caterer or bartender

If none of the above suit you, due to lack of time, inconvenience, or any other reason, you can always look at the trusted way which is trading in your Mobile Phone or Tablet. Not sure how?

Well, let’s find out more.

If you still have your old smartphone from your last upgrade or iPad that is not being used since your smartphones do everything for you, you could get some cash back by trading it in for cash.

What about video games your kids never play with anymore? With all that unused technology, you may be sitting on a pile of potential money for expensive Christmas shopping.

Electronics represent one of the top most popular categories of Christmas gifts, so it’s well worth selling yours this time of year.

Try selling unwanted mobile devices through sites like AthCom, which focus on mobile devices specifically, and GameStop, which accepts video games, consoles, and gaming accessories.

In addition, retailers like Harvey Norman or even manufacturers these days let you exchange used electronic items for gift cards that you can put toward Christmas gifts and party shopping.

If you only consider selling your iPad for example, that unwanted iPad could fetch you up to €300, with the average iPad trade-in paying about €200.

The unclaimed value of those devices depreciates over time, reducing the opportunity to recover easy money. Money that could go toward buying holiday gifts or a similar upgrade.

Do you have an unwanted device gathering dust? Find out how much it is worth here at AthCom.

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