Can You Sell a Phone That Is Not Paid Off in Ireland? (Answered)

Can you sell a phone that is not paid off in Ireland? Well, that question pops out when you want to sell your phone that is not paid off.

With the rising number of smartphones, there is always a transition in financial agreements between the buyer and seller.

Most mobile providers prefer monthly paying plans for their phones, allowing you to upgrade regularly.

While others operate under their specific contracts and agreements, which you must comply with before selling the phone.

In this article, we shall help you understand if you can sell a phone that is not paid off in Ireland, among other topics. Stay tuned as we delve into it.

Find Out If You Can Sell a Phone Without Paying It Off in Ireland

Ideally, you should not sell a mobile phone without paying it off in Ireland. You are legally bound to the contract and depending on the contract type you could be restricted from selling your phone. However, if you keep paying the monthly phone bill you can sell the phone. Also in default scenarios, phone companies usually don’t recover phones in lieu of payment.

Man Selling a Contract Phone That Is Not Paid Off
Man Selling a Contract Phone That Is Not Paid Off

You should not legally sell your mobile until the entire phone agreement has been paid off.

If you stop paying off the mobile phone, some mobile providers usually cut off the network and block it but rarely seize the phone itself meaning that you will be free to use it but won’t be able to make calls.

You could however still use the phone on another network outside the Irish jurisdiction.


The best you can do is to:

1. Pay Off the Mobile Phone

The easiest way to sell that phone quickly is to pay it off.

If you were using a monthly repayment option, you could decide to settle the whole amount, and you will be free to sell your gadget.

Check your form agreement to see if it has no early termination fees.

2. Change Mobile Network

Look for any significant mobile networks and inquire if they offer contract buyout options that help pay off your current phone when you switch to them. Some may require you to trade in your phone and get a brand-new one to access their services.

Some of their new programs may extend discounts on new phones only if you change and trade in that current phone that is not paid off. It can help you offset that current phone balance.

However, this option is usually not instant. You will have to present various copies to the mobile network, like the final payment from the old mobile provider, meaning you will have to wait for a reasonable duration for your current phone to be paid off.

It is also vital to note that this option is applicable if you need a new phone because you are switching from one mobile network contract to another.

You won’t benefit from it if you want to reduce bills.

3. Sell the Phone on a Condition

You can only sell the phone if your mobile network has given you an extended line of unsecured credit. It means that you cannot repossess the smartphone.

The only option you have is to sell it and pay it off. It serves as a way of canceling your contract for free.

Afterward, you can buy a new phone, and you won’t be limited to any agreement.

But also, you must note that if you fail to pay off the phone once you sell it, it will be prone to be backlisted, and the buyer won’t benefit from it.

It may cause you to face particular legal troubles and many other complications.

4. Transfer the Mobile Phone and Contract to Another Person

If you can’t pay off that phone, another option is to transfer its ownership to someone else.

You can opt for a friend or relative. Your mobile network will transfer the right to them following the assumption of liability.

Can You Sell a Phone That Is Still on Contract?

Sometimes, you can sell a phone that is still in contract. It all depends on the conditions of the contract and agreement.

Here is what to consider before selling a phone that is on contract:

1. Are You the True Owner of the Phone?

When you buy your new phone, you are the owner when it is given to you. Now if you are the actual owner, you have the authority over the phone, meaning you can do anything with it, including selling and giving it out.

However, when you engage some phone providers, you will be leased a phone, meaning it is a contract phone, and you will have to pay some costs to use it.

So, it all depends if the phone is leased or entirely yours. You will know when you buy your phone under the terms and conditions.

2. Check the Minimum Duration to Have the Phone

When you buy a phone from some mobile providers, they limit you to selling it for a certain period.

Even if you are the owner, you will have to abide.

So always refer to the contract if you can have the phone at any minimum period.

3. Is Your Phone Unlocked?

You will have to check if the phone is locked to a network. A locked phone is limited to its original Network. You cannot use it in other networks unless you get someone to unlock the Network locking software.

While selling a locked contract phone is okay, it can also be complicated.

You have to ask the person selling the phone if they are comfortable using a locked phone.

4. Be Ready to Finish the Remaining Payments

Selling the phone does not imply that your contract will end. You must honor your payments until you reach the end of your contract tenure. Even if you buy a new phone, you must proceed with the payments for the sold telephone as usual.

Alternatively, if you want to end your contract, you will have to contact the mobile provider.

They will advise you on the way to go. You must pay exit fees and settle the phone balance if the agreement is fixed.

So, above is what you can consider before selling a contract phone. Contact your mobile provider and visit your terms and conditions before selling it.

When everything is settled, you can sell your phone to an honest and reliable buyer like AthCom for the best prices.

Is It Illegal to Sell a Phone Under Contract?

It is usually illegal if you have not followed the agreements of the contract alongside terms and conditions. That’s why you should engage your mobile provider and settle the remaining payment if you have to. Additionally, you need to know the legal way of selling a phone under contract.

You also have to see the cancellation rights that can make you sell that phone; they include:

  • If you signed up for the contract 14 days ago.
  • If the amount of contract has increased.
  • You are experiencing internet speed problems.
  • Your contract was for a duration of time, and it’s over.

If you are operating under none of the above, you will sell the mobile phone illegally. And if you do so, you will even be charged a fee.

Can You Return a Phone That Is Not Paid Off?

Yes, you can return it, but you will have to pay the remaining balance of the phone. However, you won’t be charged if you return the phone that is not paid off and it’s under a remorse period. If you are past that, then paying it off is your only option. If you do not pay it off, you risk getting bad credit.

Can You Pawn a Contract Phone?

It all depends on where you are pawning your contract phone. So yes, you can pawn your contract phone. However, some shops may require you to meet certain conditions before you pawn the phone. Some specifications you must meet include paying off your phone bill entirely before they take it in.

Additionally, if your phone is an old-school flip, it risks being rejected as it has little value.

So, it’s good to inquire and again ensure you comply with the contract’s terms and conditions. You do not want to have any problems with your mobile provider.

When you are sure everything is well, and you are ready to pawn the contract phone, you will have to do the following:

1. Perform a Factory Reset of Your Phone

You will have to remove all your personal information from your phone. You don’t want your personal information to end up in the wrong hands for security purposes. Ensure you back up and erase anything valuable in your phone, including emergency numbers, bank information, email addresses, and the entire search history.

You also need to turn off Find my phone and remove the connected Bluetooth devices.

2. Unlock the Phone and Check It

Ensure that you reset your phone and you have unlocked it.

You can ask your mobile provider to unlock the phone for you if you can’t do so.

Your phone should serve another person well, even if they put in their sim cards.

3. Get Your Phone Facts Well

Always ensure you get your phone facts right. It would be best to remember the year you got the phone, its storage limit, and model number, among other valuable information about the phone.

Buyers will want to know the phone’s background, so ensure you have everything at your fingertips, like the instruction manual and box that says you are the sole owner of the phone.

4. Know Your Phone Worth

You will have to know the price of your phone before pawning it.

Research what people are saying about that model and the age of the phone. So that you are aware of the price range you will get from the buyer.

5. Pawn the Phone

Finally, you can pawn your phone. You can sell it online to an honest and reliable buyer or visit a pawn shop with your phone.

Remember to carry it in its box if you have it; from there, they will inform you of your phone’s worth.

Can You Network Unlock a Phone That Is Not Paid Off Before Selling?

You cannot network unlock a phone that is not paid off. You must first contact your mobile provider and ask them to unlock your phone. From there, they will review your account, and if you have settled the entire bill, your phone will be opened. Unlocking a phone that has not paid off is illegal, and you may be charged for that by your mobile provider.

When you have paid off the phone, you can even unlock it yourself, which will be legal.

No one will charge you for that. If you want to sell that phone, you can contact AthCom, an online old or used phone buyer, for the best price for your phone.


Selling a phone that is not paid off in Ireland could get you in trouble.

When you have a phone under contract, settling the entire payment before selling it is good.

Alternatively, you can ask your mobile provider to revisit your terms and conditions when selling the phone.

Finally, if you have settled your payment and want to sell your phone, please engage AthCom.

We are committed to giving life again to your old or used phone. You will get the best value for your phone and instant cash.


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