3 Ways To Sell Used or Old Phones for Cash in Ireland (Explained)

At some point, you want to get rid of your used or old mobile phone as quickly as possible, but you don’t know where to start.

You will find plenty of options; however, you may only get value for your phone if you are vigilant.

You need to understand that even if your mobile phone is old, it has some recyclable features that may benefit buyers.

Selling your used or old mobile phones for cash in Ireland is straightforward. You only need to follow the right procedure, like selling to a trusted online old phone buyer such as AthCom.ie, among other options, and get the best price for your device.

Here’s How to Sell Used or Old Mobile Phones for the Best Cash Price

First, check the type of phone you have and the rough estimate you can get based on the condition of the phone. You can then opt to sell your old mobile phone by advertising it yourself on an online marketplace such as Adverts, Facebook, eBay, etc., or engage a specialised & professional online company such as AthCom.ie, Swappie, CEX, etc., that buy tech devices.

Girl selling old mobile phone to AthCom.ie
Girl selling old mobile phone to AthCom.ie

How to Look Out for the Best Price?

Every time you want to sell your mobile phone, you will find numerous buyers with different offers.

However, you should get a reliable, used mobile phone buyer that is based locally in Ireland and will give you the best price for your phone.

A specialised phone buying company such as AthCom.ie will give you a quote online and confirm it upon looking at the condition of your phone, and if you are content with the offer, you will get the case payment on the same day.

After you have checked for the best price, you have several options you can opt for to sell your phone.

1. Sell the Phone Yourself

Selling your phone yourself can be a great option to get that quick money. It would help if you advertise your phone on social media like the Facebook marketplace, which is normally free. You only have to post your phone and people interested will contact you.

Alternatively, you can use eBay, where you will be charged a small fee to advertise your phone. You can also use Gumtree, which is generally free to use.

2. Engage an Online Mobile Phone Buying Company

Nowadays, we have many online tech buying companies you can sell your old or used phone to them. However, you have to do your due diligence and work with a reputable online phone company that will give you the best price for your phone.

Always check the terms and conditions of the online buyer you sell your phone to. It is also good to remember that if your phone is in perfect shape and has enough storage capacity, you will get good money and vice versa.

3. Recycle the Used or Old Mobile Phone

It may look crazy, but yes, it works. If you love going green, recycling that old phone would be your best option. The best thing about this is that you will get paid. You can recycle your phone to Apple, Vodafone, and other mobile providers.

The only problem is that your phone will not be taken if you are not their customer.

Then it will end up being recycled together with other electrical items. The best thing about recycling is that it guarantees that every component is safely reused or disposed of, hence does not affect the environment.


How to Sell Used or Old iPhones in Ireland?

You can sell your used iPhone in several ways and get good cash. Have a look.

Engage an Online Old Phone Buyer

You can opt for online old phone buyer services if you want a quick and easy selling process. If your iPhone is in excellent condition, you will get the best price from the buyer. This option reduces time and hassle, and it’s a straightforward process. You only have to send the old iPhone you are selling, and the online old mobile buyers will estimate its worth and give you the best price for your phone.

Ensure you sell the iPhone to an honest and reliable online buyer like AthCom, who will even erase your data if you forget to do so.

Go Back to the Source of the Phone

If you are uncomfortable with intermediary services, returning to the source or where you got your iPhone is another option. It is either your big-box retailer or manufacturer. You can opt for best buy or Apple.

Apple usually gives you an easy way to get value for your old iPhone. On the other hand, Best Buy gives you a trade-in service. A good old iPhone will fetch you some good cash for your new iPhone.

Sell the Phone Yourself

If you decide to sell your iPhone yourself, you will get some good profit. However, it is usually not a walk in the park but worth it. You can use the Facebook marketplace, Adverts, or eBay to post your iPhone for people to see and buy it.

For the Facebook marketplace, the online platform is free. Ensure you check the profile of the interested buyer and do your due diligence to avoid being conned.

For DoneDeal or Adverts, ensure you engage the buyer face-to-face in a well-lit public area. For a quick transaction, ensure you have agreed on the cost before the meeting.

Regarding eBay, you must pay a small fee, but it guarantees protection even when selling your iPhone to strangers.

Remember to sell your old iPhone as soon as possible since its rate of losing market value is high.

Before you sell your old iPhone, you must perform the following functions so that you do not pass your privacy to the next user.

  • Switch off Find My: Also known as Find my iPhone. It is primarily a security setting that you should turn off before selling the phone. If you do not do that, the next user may not use or reset the phone. To successfully turn off Find My, you must access your settings app, head to your username, and then locate Find My and turn it off.
  • Wipe the iPhone: Ensure you sign out all the apps you were using, any linked accounts, and services. Then click the setting app and find the general setting. From there, reset and erase all settings and content.
  • Remove the sim card: You should not leave your sim card inside the phone. You will require it for your next phone. Moreover, you want to keep your existing number.

If your iPhone is damaged, you can still get some money even if it is not turning on.

How to Sell Used or Old Android Phones in Ireland

The best way to sell your old android phone in Ireland is to sell it to an online phone-buying store that specifically buys old or used phones. You only have to send them the device you want to sell, and they will check your phone’s worth, and you will get paid the best price for your android phone.

Online tech buyers like AthCom offer honest pricing and fast cash for your android phone, so be sure to get the correct price for your old android phone when you engage us.

You can also sell your android phone on the Facebook marketplace and eBay.

How to Prepare Your Mobile Phone Before Selling It?

Preparing your mobile before selling it is essential since it helps you remove your data and secure your privacy. Here’s how to prepare your mobile phone before selling it:

1. Back Up All Your Vital Data

Ensure you back up all your vital data to your email or any third-party cloud storage device. Back up your videos, photos, contacts, and other apps.

2. Wipe Your Phone

You must sign out of all the apps you used and other linked accounts and services. To wipe your phone, you can follow the below guidelines:

  • Back up your information before you commence the procedure.
  • You can download and install a remote wiping app for Android and iPhone devices.
  • Clear your internal memory.
  • Use your manual factory reset guideline.
  • Secure your phone’s specific ID number for any future reference.
  • Clean the Mobile Phone.

You will also be required to clean your smartphone before selling it so the buyer can receive it in good condition.

Ensure you have the below:

  • A soft microfiber cloth.
  • A mobile phone-safe foam or any cleaning solution.
  • Light, including an adjustable desk lamp or a small flashlight.

Detach your cases or screen protectors from the main mobile body. Then use a small amount of cleaning foam and a microfiber cloth to wipe your phone. Remove every dirt and water that might have accumulated on the screen and the phone case.

Practice gentleness so that the liquid cleaner doesn’t access the charge port.

3. Conduct a Simple Function Test

You must perform a basic or simple function test to ensure all the hardware and other features function correctly. Switch off your phone first, and then turn it on. Allow it to perform the boot process. When it’s on, try to perform the following tests:

Test Your Charge Port

Link your phone with an AC adapter and fix it to any power wall outlet. Your phone should sense power and start charging. If that is not the case, then your charging port has malfunctioned, or you have a bad battery.

Test the Volume Icon and Call Functionality

Access the mobile’s dial pad and try to control the volume icons up and down. Then set the volume to a good level and call someone as you check the functionality of your microphone, speakerphone, and speaker if they are functioning well.

Test Your Camera Hardware

Click on your camera app and take a photo. See the results if there is any discoloration and distortion. If there is none, then your phone is in good condition.

4. Ensure Your Phone Doesn’t Have Water Damage

You may find a watermark below your phone battery. It’s a tiny white round sticker connected to the phone housing below the battery. It usually highlights red or pink when your phone has water damage. If yours has not displayed any colors, it’s in good condition.

Remember also to switch off any payment services that you have been using, erase the saved passwords on the browsers and remove your sim card for you to use it in the future,


Selling your used or old mobile phone is simple if you use the right technique. Ensure you sell it to a good and reliable online old phone buyer like AthCom for honest prices.

Also, remember to back up your data, wipe off your phone, and remove your sim card before you sell your phone.

Be cautious and only work with the best if you sell the phone yourself. You can now take that old phone and sell it at the best price because you have all the necessary information you require.

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