Top 3 Things Never Buy New For Your Kids

If you are a parent you will know how young kids value all things equally – expensive or not. Initially, everything goes in their mouth and later everything is submerged in food.

New items for your young kids come at a high price.

So, how do you know when to avoid buying new and recycling your tech?

With kids growing up as fast as they do and parents overrun with handed-down items, here are three things you should never buy new for your child:

1. Clothes

If you haven’t found out already, kids’ clothes are pretty expensive and they grow out of it pretty soon.

Instead of investing in clothes, see if your friends or relatives have bins of their kids’ old clothes that are taking up space.

Odds are they will have a pile of clothes worn only a few times.

2. Toys

Everything is a toy for a child and for a kid, toys are never meant to be thrown away.

In our house, we have boxes of stuffed animals, books, and other toys that take up so much space.

My son will try to find something at the bottom of the box while throwing everything out in the process and then roam around to find something different.

When it comes to new toys you will find expensive toys in Smyths Toys Superstore that your child may or may not use much.

You can take that chance, or you can take hand-me-downs or buy used.

Just remember: pretty much any “toy” is “new” to your kid.

3. Portable Electronics

Do you know that blanket or stuffed animal your child carries around? Do you know how devastated he’d be if he lost it?

You’d likely feel the same way if you gave him a mobile phone or tablet and he left it somewhere, but that’s just what happens—a lot. If you have a slightly older, yet still irresponsible, child, don’t buy new.

Unlike clothes or toys, you may not have a used mobile phone or tablet kicking around to pass along.

But you can do the next best thing by purchasing a used or approved pre-owned one inexpensively.

AthCom can help you fund your new phone upgrade or just get straight cash for your kid’s toys!

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