“Find My Android” – Android Device Manager by Google

Everyone is familiar with the “Find My iPhone” feature that comes with iPhones that will let you remotely track, lock, and erase data from your phone but did you know Android has a similar feature?

This functionality is inbuilt on a phone running Android version 2.2 and above called “Device Manager”.

What is Device Manager?

Device Manager is a built-in program that is installed as part of the Android Operating System (version 2.2 and above). If you want to check where it resides, simply go to Settings -> Security -> Device Administrators.

It will be listed clearly as an option, and you can choose whether to activate or deactivate it at will. Obviously, to be safe you would want to activate it.

Activating it will allow you to erase all data, change the screen unlock the password, and lock the screen.

How do I find my Android phone?

You can go to the device manager by clicking on this link https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager or download a Device Manager App.

You need to log in with your Android credentials after which you can make your phone ring if you are having trouble locating it around the house; it can lock your phone from a remote location; if you lose your phone, you can find out exactly where it is; and if it comes to the worst of the worst, you can wipe all existing data and protect your identity and your dignity by deleting all of your embarrassing photos.

If you have logged in with the same credentials on multiple android phones you can find all of them by selecting the appropriate phone one at a time.

A much need feature for Android phones that can hopefully safeguard your data and deter thrives from stealing it.

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