Buying an iPhone 6S, is it worth?

With the hype and the launch event of Apple’s newest iPhone, like most of you I was tempted to upgraded to the iPhone 6s. Although I had a perfectly like-new, 8 month old iPhone 6, I didn\’t want to be left behind. So before committing a purchase I asked my friends who did take the jump about the new iPhone 6 and it\’s features.

Here is what they had to say and my observations if you’re on the edge of upgrading the iPhone 6s.

1. First off, it’s Expensive.

As a financially conscious consumer, my jaw dropped when I saw the final price tag for my device. For the cheapest iPhone 6s model, the 16GB one, the price tag is €759 on the website – the most expensive phone I would have had to buy, ever. Costs are rising so network operator subsidies are disappearing and my previous contract has about 10 months left so not an option to upgrade there either.

2. Good, but not Great Updates

When you don’t think the iPhone can get any faster, it does. Without talking specifics, I’d say the speed has doubled, which is great for consumers who need speed. Other features are underwhelming. Force Touch is kind of cool, but unnecessary until more developers start utilizing it. Live Photos are a novelty and I haven’t found use for them yet. Personally, I don’t find the new features alone worth the upgrade cost, considering that in a year the iPhone 7 will be faster, have bigger improvements and a new design.

3. It’s Worth the Upgrade from iPhone 5

If you’re still using an iPhone 5 or 5s, I’d say spring for the upgrade. There’s no use wasting productivity time with a smaller-screened phone – and you’ll notice a great difference. Plus, the longer you hold onto your iPhone, the faster it depreciates in the secondhand market. If the 6s is out of reach financially, you can go ÁthCom Approved and get an iPhone 6 for significantly cheaper.

Have you upgraded to the iPhone 6s? Share your thoughts with us.

Image courtesy of Flickr

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