Buying an iPhone, is it worth it?

With the hype and the launch event of Apple’s newest iPhone, we are tempted to upgrade to the next generation iPhone.

Although we have a perfectly like-new, older-generation iPhone, we fall into the trap of not being left behind.

So before committing to your next purchase ask your friends who did take the jump buying the new iPhone about the additional features and the value you could get. You might be surprised there is so much little value to be had.

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1. First off, it’s Expensive.

From a financially conscious consumer’s point of view, your jaw could drop when you see the final price tag for the next-generation iPhone.

For the base iPhone model, the price tag could vary from €759 to a grand on the Apple website – the most expensive phone manufacturer.

Costs are rising so network operator subsidies are disappearing and there aren’t many cheaper options available to upgrade in the Irish mobile phone market.

2. Good, but not Great Updates

When you don’t think the iPhone can get any faster, it does. Without talking specifics, we’d say the speed usually improves, which is great for consumers who need a fast phone.

Other features could be underwhelming. Personally, we don’t find the new features alone worth the upgrade cost, considering that in a year another iPhone will be faster, have bigger improvements, and a new design.

3. It’s Worth the Upgrade from two generations behind

If you’re still using an iPhone two generations and older, we’d say spring for the upgrade.

There’s no use wasting productivity time with a smaller-screened phone – and you’ll notice a great difference.

Plus, the longer you hold onto your iPhone, the faster it depreciates in the secondhand market.

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