About ÁthCom

AthCom is about reCommerce!

AthCom is the Ireland's leading consumer electronics reCommerce site, providing an easy, fast and safe way for consumers to buy Approved pre-owned devices or get cash for their used devices.

AthCom reduces the risk and effort of buying and selling pre-owned electronic gadgets online with benefits such as comprehensive data removal and a reputation for very strong customer service. We work hand­-in­-hand with our customers to enhance value and make good things happen in every part of the consumer electronics life cycle.

With new devices available in the market every 6-8 months we help consumers sell their devices for cash so they can upgrade to the latest technology.

Our Vision

AthCom intends to pioneer the reCommerce market in Ireland and create an online marketplace for used consumer electronics. We want to change the way we all think about buying, owning, selling and recycling.

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