What Is Trade-In Phone In Ireland? (Explained For Beginners)

If you live in Ireland and want to get a new mobile phone, you may be able to save some money on it by trading in your old or current phone. In fact, in some cases, you can trade in more than one phone towards the purchase of your new phone.

Trading in your old phone allows you to get something out of it and avoid sending it to a landfill or letting it sit in your junk drawer for years and go to waste.

Woman trading in a mobile phone to AthCom.ie for cash
Woman trading in a mobile phone to AthCom.ie for cash

Here’s What Trade-In A Phone Means

Trading in your phone simply means you trade your old phone for a new phone. If your old phone is in good condition, you may be able to get a fair amount out of it.

Various companies in Ireland accept trade-ins but it’s always a good idea to find the one that offers the best price for the old phone. Certain phones are worth more than others and therefore will have a higher trade-in value.

You can check the condition of your phone and compare it to the requirements on the website of the trade-in company to determine how much you may be able to get for your phone.

You can also ask for a quote for your phone to get a more accurate offer.


How Does A Trade-In Phone Work?

Trading your phone is simple. You just check the website to find out how much your phone is worth. Keep in mind the condition of the phone plays a role in its value. You will need to reset your phone back to the factory settings and then send it to the company for inspection.

You can ship it for free with FREEPOST. The phone will be inspected thoroughly and if it matches the condition that you claim, you will receive payment or a replacement phone for it.

If your phone does not match the condition or if no offer is available for you, it will be sent back to you or you can opt to have it recycled.

Check here to find out how you can see your phone to AthCom.ie

What Is The Difference Between Trade-In And Selling A Phone?

There are a few differences between trading in your phone and selling your phone. When you sell your phone, you want to sell it for its current value and will receive cash payment for it.

When you trade in your phone, you plan to trade it to a company that will still give you money for your phone or an upgraded phone of your choice, but is much more likely to accept it.

The company may decide to recycle your phone or they may resell it.

If your phone is in poor condition you may struggle to sell it to an individual or buyer, but if you need to sell it fast, trading it in can be the better option.

Which one is better trading in or selling a phone or keeping the phone?

When it comes to trading in your phone or selling it, there are different things that you should consider before you decide which is the best option for you.


If you are going to sell your cell phone, it will need to be in good shape before someone will buy it. Very few people are interested in buying phones that are old, scratched, broken, or have other flaws.

Some may be willing to buy them for parts, but most people will want a flawless phone. When you go to trade in your phone, you have a little bit more wiggle room.

You can take a look at the condition requirements ahead of time and see where your phone fits in. You will be able to get a fair price for your phone as long as you are honest about the condition.


How much money are you hoping to get for your phone? Do you want to sell it for a higher amount or are you willing to take a lesser amount? Do you have a certain amount of money you are hoping to get?

Do you plan to get another phone or do you just need to get rid of your phone because it’s taking up space?

While trading your phone in will not give you the most money for your phone, it can simplify things for you and help you get a fair amount or an upgrade of your choice.


One of the best things about trading in your phone instead of selling it is that you don’t have to do a lot of work. When you go to sell your phone, you have to find a buyer. That means you need to take photos of the phone, describe it, write up a listing, and post it for sale on different websites.

It can take a long time for anyone to see it and the market can be competitive. When you trade in your phone, you simply send it off and wait for your offer or an upgrade. You can sell it quickly and you don’t have to put much effort into it at all.


You never know who is waiting to scam you when you try to sell your phone. There are a lot of people who use fake social media profiles or emails to contact you about a phone you might have for sale just to try to trick you into sending it to them so they can keep it and not send your money.

Even if you decide to meet someone, you have to trust that they will show up and be honest with the transaction.

When you decide to just train in your phone, you can send it to a company you trust and have no worries about whether or not you will receive a payment for it or get a fair price.

Who Does Phone Trade In Ireland?

If you are in Ireland and want to trade in your phone, consider sending it to AthCom. You can visit the website to learn exactly how the program works and what to expect from trading in your phone.

The company is trustworthy and honest, so you always know you are getting the best price for your phone in Ireland.

Final Thoughts

If you have a cell phone that you no longer want or need and you want to trade it in, you can do so in Ireland.

You will need to make sure your phone is in good condition so you can get the most for it.

Trading in your phone is a good way to get money fast to put towards your new phone.

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