The Apple Watch: Five Useful Features

The new Apple Watch, which was recently released, offers the clock, phone, and text messaging functionalities that everyone guessed would be included, but it also came with a few unexpected features.

Here’s a quick rundown of the top five useful features:

1. Finding Your iPhone

Apple’s Find My iPhone app can help you narrow down where in the world your device is using its built-in GPS.

Once you’re close enough, actually finding your phone however becomes more difficult.

BGR reports that Apple’s new watch will incorporate a new feature to make that process easier: Ping My iPhone. Using the watch, users can make their lost phone beep.

2. Replace Your Keys

Apple CEO once mentioned to The Telegraph that it may be possible for the watch to replace car keys and “the clumsy, large fobs that are now used by many vehicles”.

So your digital keys are now replaced with your Apple Watch.

3. Fully Native Apps

It stands to reason that most Apple Watch apps will be extensions of native iPhone or iPad applications, but it is possible for developers to create standalone apps for the watch now.

These apps may allow the device to be used solo instead of only while synced with another device.

4. Digital Interface

The new Apple Watch allows you to interface in a new and unique way: You can draw shapes on the watch face and send them to a friend, or use the heart rate sensor to detect your pulse and send it as a vibration pattern to a friend’s device.

What’s more, you can use the Tap function to send vibrations of your choice to other watch users.

5. Deeper Customization

Apple has never been very open to customization, frowning upon jailbreaking devices and limiting the apps accepted into the App Store.

But they’re taking a different direction with their new watch, offering two face sizes — 38 mm and 42 mm — along with three styles, each one of which falls at a different price point.

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