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Device Condition Explained

Storage Capacity

  • 16GB (Gigabytes):
    • This is considered a minimal storage capacity. It’s suitable for basic users who don’t store a large number of apps, photos, or videos.
  • 32GB (Gigabytes):
    • This is also on the lower side of storage capacity but provides a bit more space for apps, media, and files.
  • 64GB (Gigabytes):
    • A moderate storage capacity suitable for average users who use their phones for regular tasks, apps, and some media storage.
  • 128GB (Gigabytes):
    • This is a more comfortable storage option, allowing users to store a significant number of apps, photos, videos, and other files.
  • 256GB (Gigabytes):
    • Considered a high storage capacity, suitable for users who store a large amount of media, including high-resolution photos and videos.
  • 512GB (Gigabytes):
    • This is a very high storage capacity, often found in premium smartphones. Ideal for users who require extensive storage for large files and media.
  • 1TB (Terabyte):
    • This is an extremely large storage capacity, mostly found in flagship devices. It’s suitable for users who need massive storage for extensive media libraries, professional applications, and large files.

Choosing the right storage capacity depends on your usage. If you take many photos, record videos, or download a lot of apps, it’s advisable to opt for a higher storage option to avoid running out of space.

Device Condition

  • Brand New (Sealed in Box):
    • The box is sealed and has never been opened.
    • Includes all original accessories.
    • Proof of purchase is available.
  • Flawless (Looks New):
    • Functions perfectly and appears brand new.
    • No scratches or scuffs on the device.
    • Comes with the original packaging and accessories.
  • Good (Normal Signs of Use):
    • Screen and body are intact with no cracks.
    • Powers on, makes calls, and functions normally.
    • Displays normal signs of use, but no major scratches or scuffs.
  • Broken (Functional but Damaged):
    • Screen or body is cracked or broken.
    • Some hardware components may be damaged.
    • May have missing buttons or parts, but still functional.
  • Dead (Unusable):
    • Device is beyond economic repair.
    • Unusable due to iCloud lock or similar issues.
    • Has sustained irreparable water damage.

This categorisation helps you understand and select the condition of the phone more precisely.

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