Trading In Phone That Is Cracked In Ireland? (Answered)

If you have a phone that you no longer want, you can trade it in for cash to put towards your newer phone.

If your phone is cracked, you might be wondering if you can still trade it in or if it will affect the amount of money you receive.

You can still trade your phone in companies like AthCom which will give you a monetary offer based on the condition of your phone.

Find Out If You Can Trade In A Phone That Is Cracked

Just because a phone is cracked doesn’t mean it’s not functional or can’t be sold. If you are planning to sell your phone in Ireland, AthCom will consider it even if it is cracked. They will repair the phone and resell it as long as the phone is working.

Sell your cracked phone to
Sell your cracked phone to

A crack may change the condition of the phone, but it doesn’t stop the phone from working completely.

As long as the phone is working, you can still sell it. In certain situations, even if the phone is not working it can still be sold but it will only be bought with the intention of recycling it.

When you go to trade in your phone, inspect it closely and make sure you are aware of any damage or problems.

Some scratches are hard to see but cracks are much more visible.

There is a big difference between a small scratch and an actual crack. Some screens can have large missing pieces of screen or even corners that are broken off.

That doesn’t mean the phone isn’t functional or valuable. You can still trade it in, as long as you realize the crack may result in less cash or less of a trade-in value.

Other things that can affect the condition and trade-in offer for your phone include:

  • Missing buttons
  • Missing parts
  • Broken pieces
  • Deep scratches
  • Broken ports
  • Power issues
  • Screen issue


Can You Trade In A Phone That Is Cracked But Working?

Some companies are picky about the condition of the phones they accept but some will take iPhone screens that are cracked and working.

If you are selling your phone you will need to determine its condition.

Most websites like AthCom have a list of points that can help you determine the condition of your phone so you can get an idea of whether or not the phone will be considered and how much you can expect to get from it.

Athcom considers phones that are working but has a cracked screen as broken or functional but damaged.

If your phone’s screen is cracked it can be hard to determine if the phone is functional and it may be hard to determine the actual condition.

If your screen only has a small crack, it may still turn on and the screen may light up or even work.

If the crack is severe, your phone’s screen might stay dark even if the phone is working. It’s important to use your best judgment when trying to decide the condition of your phone.

Be aware, AthCom will also inspect the phone and determine its conditions so it’s a good idea to be honest about it so you will have reasonable expectations for how much money you will receive from it.

You may decide that it’s worth having the crack in the screen fixed before you try to trade in the phone.

You should compare the price you offered for the phone with a crack and the price you would be offered if the crack was repaired. If there is a big difference in the price, it might be worth having the phone repaired.

In most cases though, the difference in price offered will be small and it won’t be worth the time and money to get it fixed. Instead, you can just take the offer for the more severe condition.

Can You Trade In A Phone That Is Cracked And Dead?

You can trade in a phone that is cracked or dead to Athcom, but you will need to make sure you are aware of the condition and the way it will affect the price.

If your phone is cracked and working it may be in a broken condition, but if your phone is dead and will not turn on at all, there is no way to determine if it is working.

Once Athcom receives your phone, it will be inspected and it can be charged to find out if it turns on afterward.

If it was simply a dead battery, the company will look at other parts of the phone to make sure they are working and in good condition and then make a decision about the overall condition.

If the phone is charged and does not come on then the company will take that into consideration when making a decision on the amount of money you will be offered for it.

If you are planning to trade your phone into a carrier or another location for a new phone, you may have to check to see if the specific carrier will accept the phone as a trade-in if it is cracked.

Some are very particular about the condition of a phone and some will take almost anything.

Final Thoughts

When you are looking to trade in your phone in Ireland, there’s a lot to think about. You want to make sure you are getting the most for your phone, even if it has some signs of damage.

Cracks are a common cosmetic issue but they can also be severe enough to cause functional problems that can affect the value of the phone and the amount of money you receive.

Keep in mind you can trade in your phone at Athcom and use the cash you receive to put towards the purchase of a new phone or anything else you plan to purchase.

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