Best Time To Trade-In Phone In Ireland? (8 Ways To Maximize Value)

If you have a cell phone that you plan to trade in, it’s a good idea to pay attention to timing so you can be sure you are trading it in at the right time in order to get the most out of your phone and take advantage of promos and deals that may be going on.

Here Is The Best Time To Trade In Your Phone In Ireland

The best time to trade in your phone in Ireland is two months ahead of an upgraded phone released in the market. E.g new iPhones are released in September, so anytime before July is the best time to trade your phone in.

Man with a mobile phone, the best time to trade in
Man with a mobile phone, the best time to trade in.

Also, sooner is almost always better than later as the newer the phone is, the higher value it tends to hold.

Of course, that isn’t always the case, but typically buyers like AthCom want to choose phones that are popular and trendy, and that other people would want to buy from them.

If you currently have the newest model of a certain phone and you think a newer model will be coming out soon, you may want to trade it in before the newer model comes out.

This will ensure you are trading it in while it is still considered the newest model, and are more likely to get a top price for it.


How Can I Maximize My Phone Trade-In Value?

There are things you can do to maximize your phone’s trade-in value. These are things you should do from the time you open your phone from the box. Keeping your phone as close to new condition as possible will help it retain its value.

1. Keep It In Good Condition

Do whatever you can to protect your phone and keep it in good condition. Make sure you store it properly and try not to drop it or toss it in your bag or purse.

Also, don’t make the mistake of putting your phone in your back pocket as you can easily sit on it and break it.

Being careful with your phone from the start will keep it in good condition.

2. Use A Phone Case

Put your phone in a case that is made for it and will protect it.

There are many cases on the market (e.g Otterbox phone cases) that are designed to protect your phone if you drop it, spill something on it, or even sit on it.

Some cases are strong enough to protect your phone even if it is run over.

You can find cases in different colors and styles, so look for those that can protect your phone the best. When choosing a case also consider the ports.

Some cases have port covers and others do not.

Port covers can protect your phone from dirt, dust, and water which could affect how it works.

3. Use The Original Charger

You may be tempted to buy a cheap charger online or from department stores just to have it on hand or just to keep in the car when you need it.

Using any charger other than the one that came with your phone or comes from a manufacturer can actually cause problems.

It may not charge your battery to the fullest and could reduce your battery’s health.

Using the right charger will ensure your phone charges completely and isn’t likely to cause a short or electrical issue inside your phone.

4. Use A Screen Cover

A broken or scratched screen is one of the most common problems that phone users encounter. Cell phone screens are sensitive and fragile and it doesn’t take much to break or scratch them.

Tossing your phone around, dropping it, or being overly rough with it can easily destroy the screen. Screen protectors are made to act as a layer of protection so your phone’s screen won’t get broken as easily.

5. Unlock Your Phone

If your phone is locked to a carrier, unlocking it before you trade it in can increase its value.

This is one less step the company will have to do and it will ensure that your phone will work with different carriers once the phone has been resold to someone else. You can usually unlock your iPhone by calling your carrier (e.g Vodafone, Three, eir, etc).

6. Restore It To Factory Settings

Restoring your phone to factory settings is required by most companies and will ensure your own safety.

You don’t want to hand over your phone with all your photos and personal information on it.

You should back up your phone and then delete as much as you can manually before you do a factory reset.

7. Trade It Early

The sooner you trade in your phone, the more money you will get for it. If your phone is still new and relevant, it will be worth more money.

If you know a new model of your phone will be hitting the market soon, try to trade it in before it comes out so you are trading in the newest model.

8. Be Honest About The Condition

When you get ready to send in your phone you will need to explain the condition.

Don’t lie as this will only take it longer for your phone to be processed.

The company will evaluate your phone to determine its condition and make a decision for themselves what the condition is. Being honest will simply streamline the process so you will get your money faster.

What Is The Best Time To Trade In An iPhone?

The best time to trade in an iPhone is two months before or at the time a newer model is released usually in September.

People will be ready to upgrade their phones once the new model is released but you can get the maximum value for your iPhone if you try to trade it in before the newest model is released.

Not everyone will be looking for the newest phone but they will be expecting to buy a later model at a good price.

People will be shopping for these phones which means the trade-in companies such as AthCom will be anxious to get their hands on them too.

What Is The Best Time To Trade In A Samsung?

Samsung phones are always popular but if you want to get the most out of your phone, you will want to trade your newest model in before a new one comes out.

This will mean that you are trading in a top phone model and the newest option at the time. Once the newer phone comes out, your phone will be even more outdated and the value may be released.

Trading in your phone early will allow you to get the most out of it while it is still relevant and wanted.

Final Thoughts

Trading in your phone is the fastest way to get money for it, but you also want to be smart about how and when you do it.

There are certain things you can do to get more money on your trade-in.

Taking care of your phone and knowing when to trade it are two important factors.

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