7 Benefits of Selling Used or Old Phones in Ireland? (Explained)

Millions of old or used phones are usually thrown away in a landfill or left at home in drawers without doing anything about them.

However, recently due to the longevity of mobile phones and newer versions released by manufacturers every year, consumer behaviors have moved towards recycling and selling their old or used mobile phones to online buyers like AthCom and getting instant cash.

It is a great way to get more quick money and acquire a new mobile effortlessly, but is it good to sell used or old mobile phones in Ireland?

Let’s Find Out if it’s Good to Sell Used or Old Mobile Phones in Ireland

Yes, selling used or old mobile phones in Ireland is good. In fact, selling your old smartphone has many benefits than downsides. Besides helping you get some instant cash, selling that old phone helps keep the environment safe and aid in improving the country’s economy by selling a tech you no longer use.

Sell old mobile phone to AthCom.ie
Sell old mobile phone to AthCom.ie

Nowadays you don’t have to stay with that old mobile phone since there are plenty of options to where you can sell it. We have online old phone buyers like AthCom who will buy your phone and give you the best price.

You can also sell your phone on social media such as Facebook Marketplace yourself and get that profit but it comes with its own challenges and risks.

So, the bottom line is not to stay with that old gadget or throw it away but to use the online options available to get some cash for your old phone, help the environment and keep the country’s economy running.


What Are the Benefits of Selling Used or Old Phones?

Selling that old mobile phone has many benefits, like you get instant cash, lend someone a helping hand, aid in saving the planet, and save more cost that you would incur with the old phone.

So, don’t be afraid to sell your old gadget because the return is greater. Here are the explained benefits of selling used or old phones. Have a look.

1.     Quick Cash

You want to sell your old phone to get some additional cash. Did you know your old phone can fetch you a good amount if it still works?

Yes, especially if you sell to a reputable, honest, and reliable online old phone buyer. You will get the best price for your mobile phone instantly.

Considering your phone model, brand, and condition, you will be given an estimated price range specifically for your phone.

The best thing about selling your phone to a good online buyer is that you get cash instantly, post evaluation, as sometimes it may not happen when you do it yourself.

You will need to send your phone; from there, you will be given the phone’s price and get paid if you are comfortable with the price.

Additionally, with good online old phone buyers, chances of getting conned are low. If you do not like the value given to your phone, it will be returned to you.

2.     Saves the Environment

There are better options than throwing your old phone. If you throw the phone, it can release toxic chemicals like mercury, zinc, and arsenic, which harm the environment. The thrown old phones generally affect the ecosystem, causing harm to human beings, including you.

Selling used mobile phone help save the environment from harmful toxins.

Currently, companies are recycling some of the old phone features. They recover and use them in the future, reducing water and land pollution.

3.     You Get a New Phone

Many phone models are being launched yearly, with great new features and looks. Your old phone may need some of the new features and updates. That’s why selling it will allow you to get a more recent model that will make browsing easier.

If you sell your old phone before it reaches its warranty period, you can acquire a good amount to add to get a new one.

4.     Saving Additional Cost

Old or used mobile phones are usually prone to damage. You will have to take them to a repair shop, making you spend the extra cash, and it doesn’t guarantee that your phone will be okay.

A good choice is to sell it before it has many problems. You will fetch good money if it’s still in good working condition than when it’s damaged.

5.     Gives a Helping Hand

Your old mobile phone might help someone with insufficient funds acquire a brand-new one.

So, selling your phone is a way of showing kindness to someone indirectly, and by doing that, you are extending a helping hand.

6.     Benefits Someone from Another Country

Many online companies usually offer international shipping and reach.

So, when you sell your old phone to an online buyer, they will refurbish it and sell it to a potential buyer overseas for them to benefit also from it.

7.     Saves You Time

With many buyback websites where you only have to respond to some questions about your phone, you can sell it to them quickly, saving time. The online old phone buyers will give you a value for your phone after sending it to them, and if you are satisfied with the figure, you will be paid instantly online.

If you need to know where to sell your old phone online stress-free, we at AthCom are here to help you get the best value for your phone and pay you as quickly as possible after evaluating it.

Is It Safe to Sell Your Used or Old Phone?

Yes, selling your used or old phone is safe, provided you remember to do several things to avoid trouble when and after selling it. One of the things you can do to safely sell your phone is to back up your data. This is essential since you do not want to lack a file once your phone is gone.

When you have successfully backed up your data, restoring your call logs, contacts, videos, photos, and other vital stuff inside your phone will be easy.

To successfully back up your data:

  • Tap on the setting icon on your smartphone.
  • Tap and select backup by google one and then turn it on. And as simple as that, your data will be safe and only accessible to you.

You can back up your other files to your computer by just plugging your mobile phone into your computer and then choosing file transfer or MTP if you have a USB on your phone. Then head on to your phone storage using the computer and transfer or drag all the valuable files.

Another thing you can do to ensure that selling your device is safe is to log out of your accounts. It is vital because you don’t want the next buyer to access your accounts. To achieve this, you must open the settings app, press on the accounts, tap every account you want to delete, and finally click remove the account.

If you are done backing up all your information to the cloud, ensure you delete your primary Google account. Also, remember to remove your sim cards before selling your phone.

It will help if you keep your contacts and messages to ensure you have them. If you have a memory card, remember to remove it again.

You can also unpair your Bluetooth devices, so you don’t have pairing problems when acquiring a new phone. To do this, open the setting tab, then click on the connected devices icon, select, then click on the cog icon, and choose select to unpair all the devices.

Finally, perform a factory reset to permanently erase any available data and return that phone to how it was when you bought it. Here is a procedure you can follow to perform a factory reset:

  • Ensure your vital data is bucked up
  • Tap on the settings icon
  • Move to the bottom and select reset options
  • Tap on the erase all data
  • Follow the guideline on the screen to perform the wiping process

After completing this process, you can safely sell that old mobile phone. It will be safe and secure to be used by the next user.

How Much Should You Expect to get from a Used or Old Phone?

Regarding the amount you can get from selling your used old phone, it is not fixed. The amount varies with the phone’s condition, model, and make. If your cellphone resembles a new phone with no marks, you may be paid a good amount and vice versa. Remember there are other expensive models, even if they are old, they will be paid well.

Most buyers usually look out for the following elements when buying your phone:

  • Battery health – phone batteries usually die faster. They may stay approximately two years charging well and then start wearing out.
  • If the buttons are hard to press.
  • Charging port and network locks.
  • Any repairs are done on the phone.

As a seller, always ensure you:

  • Are honest and detailed when providing information about your phone.
  • Remember, time is money, be faster when selling your old phones before they lose value.
  • Clean your device thoroughly before selling it.
  • Are vigilant and avoid scammers.

Check out AthCom to instantly find out how much your phone is worth.

Where Can I Sell Used or Old Mobile Phones?

You can sell your old gadget in several places, including online, social media, recycling companies, etc. Ensure you do your due diligence before selling your phone to anyone.

Here’s where you can sell your old mobile phone:

1.     Online Old Phone Buyer

Selling your mobile phone yourself can take time and effort, especially if you want instant cash. However, you can eliminate the hassle by selling your phone online.

The good thing about selling it to an online old phone buyer is that it’s efficient and straightforward, especially if you get honest and good online buyers like AthCom, who are transparent and available in Ireland.

You only have to send your phone; they will analyze and present you a payment amount, which you will be instantly paid if you are comfortable with. Online phone buyers have simplified the selling process for you. You get honest pricing, and some good buyers help you erase your personal information if you have not done so.

2.     Sell Yourself on Social Media

If you decide to sell the old mobile phone yourself, you can try Facebook marketplace, Gumtree, and eBay.

For eBay, you will have to pay a small fee, while the remaining two are free of use.

When using the Facebook marketplace, check the buyer’s profile and do your due diligence to avoid getting conned.

If you decide to meet, do it in public, and you must have already agreed to the phone’s price. Always practice vigilance when selling your phone on the Facebook marketplace, and avoid scammers at all costs.

3.     Recycling Phone Company

Wanting to go green? Then selling your phone to a recycling company is the best option.

You can sell to Apple or Vodafone, and they will recycle your gadget’s reusable features with other electrical devices.

This will also reduce the chances of your phone ending up in a landfill, polluting the environment.

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It is good to sell used or old mobile phones in Ireland. Besides saving the environment, you get quick cash and save additional costs and time when you sell that old phone.

It is also safe to sell a used phone provided you back up your data and erase any personal or valuable information on your device before selling it. Old phones have got value.

Always sell them to the right buyers, like AthCom, for the best and most honest prices.

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