What to do With the Christmas Presents You Didn’t Want


There’s nothing worse than receiving something as a Christmas present you never, ever wanted. The person who gave you the present either doesn’t know you very well or must be stuck for time and had to wrap something at the last minute to avoid the embarrassment. Well Christmas has now passed and mystery about presents is over so it’s time to politely relieve yourself of that unwanted present.

Unless it’s Christmas Pudding, here are three ideas to turn that disappointment into some hope and get rid of those unwanted presents.

1. Re-Gift It

Is somebody’s a birthday coming up soon and would that person love the present you want to give away? Well you have a home for that present then. As long as it’s in the original packaging, who will ever know? You will however have to make sure you wrap it up differently and make sure your name in not mentioned anywhere. Not the ideal solution but it might just work for someone.

2. Donate It

Christmas is the time for sharing and giving. Any Charity like the DSPCA or Jack & Jill Foundation would accept mobile devices. No matter how outdated that device may seem to you, it could be a godsend to someone in need of phone in the developing countries. A tablet could be the perfect companion for kids in need to reading ebooks. There are plenty of other authorised charities that would take other items as donations.

3. Sell It!

Of course, not all of us are so kind and selfless – sometimes we just need cold, hard cash after a rough 2015. Did Santa bring you a new iPhone, iPad or Tablet? Trade-in your old one for cash. Select the make and model, and send it off to ÁthCom for a guaranteed amount. ÁthCom even provides free shipping, so your sale is pure profit.

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