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Last two years have seen the launch of many wearable devices ranging from the much talked about Apple Watch to various activity trackers, smart clothing and even jewellery. As they become more and more mainstream, the masses get more and more interested in them.

But, more often than not, people are not aware of the kind of wearable technologies available. Here, we have combined a list of 8 wearable technologies (some known and some lesser known) you must know about:

1. Smartwatch
Smart watches are the most common form of wearable tech. With Motorola launching its stylish Moto 360 and then Moto 360 second gen, and the Apple Watch, smartwatches are by far the most popular wearables amongst the masses. And obviously so, since a smartwatch is where technology meets fashion. So whether you are a gadget geek or a fashion fanatic, you would want to own a smartwatch.

So if you do fall in either category, there are plenty of options you can choose from like an Apple Watch, Moto 360, Samsung Gear or just the pretty Titan Juxt. In fact, smartwatches are such a hit that even giants like Tag Heur and Guess have launched their own versions.

2. Fitness bands
If you are a fitness freak, you would completely love to own a fitness tracker. And if you are not but want to get into shape, this will surely come handy. Fitness bands, which recently have gained tremendous popularity, help you keep track of your activity through the day.

Once you realize that the movement done by you is lesser that what you intended to do, you automatically will feel motivated to do more. There are a number of fitness bands available in the market today like Fitbit, Xiaomi Mi Band, Jawbone fitness band, etc. All priced at par with each other.

3. Smart shoes
Although they haven’t gained as much popularity as smartwatches and fitness bands, smart shoes will not be an uncommon phenomenon in the future. We have already read about shoes that can charge one’s smartphone while the person runs, there are shoes that vibrate to tell you that you need to turn and also about the ones that count footsteps as well as calories burned.

However, we would still have to wait before these shoes hit the shelves and we finally get to buy a pair for ourselves.

4. Google Glass
Another extremely popular wearable on the list is Google Glass. This is a headset that displays information in a smartphone like handsfree format and lets the wearer give voice commands to the device.

However, Google Glass received a lot of criticism as well as legal action because of privacy and safety concerns that it poses. The first versions production might have been stopped, but this did not deter Google though, as the tech giant is currently working on Google Glass 2, which hopefully will fix the problems users faced with the first version.

5. VR headsets
If virtual reality is your thing, then this is the wearable you need to own. Once you put on your VR headset, you can immerse yourself in your favourite pictures, videos, and other virtual reality content. You’ll completely forget where you are, and you’ll think you are somewhere else entirely.

And since VR is still an upcoming concept (quickly becoming huge), we can expect more from these headsets in the future. The most popular VR headsets are Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and Samsung VR headset.

6. Smart clothing
Smart clothing is probably the newest on the block as far as wearable technology goes. Where smartwatches and fitness bands have gained popularity among the masses, we still haven’t seen much of smart clothing.

What we know of so far is clothes with biometrics or activity tracker abilities are in the works. We would want to see more from this segment in future that will have music, storage and entertainment features in them.

7. Smart jewellery
Ladies, this one’s for you. If you are fashion conscious to wear a clunky smartwatch, but still want to flaunt a wearable, there are plenty of choices for you. Startups like Ringly, Kovert Designs and Altruis have created designer jewellery that can be connected to your devices.

What makes this jewellery smart is that it then notifies you when you get a text, a phone call or an email.

8. NeuroOn
Most people just love their sleep. And those of you, who can relate to that, will also love NeuroOn. The wireless sleep mask connects to a mobile app and monitors the wearer’s brain waves and analyzes their sleeping pattern.

The device then uses bright light therapy to help improve the wearer’s sleep quality. This can be used before going to bed to get good quality sleep. Most importantly, it can help you overcome jetlag.

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