4 Simple Steps to Protect Your Expensive iPad


iPads and tablets are an expensive piece of equipment that you carry around everywhere, however they come without much protection and can be ruined in a mere second. You might want to consider these four simple steps to best protect your iPad or favorite tablet.

1. Cover Them

iPad screens are most susceptible to damage so you got to protect it. Tempered glass are handy to protect the screen from scratches but may not protect it vet well when your device plummets to the ground. Don’t fall for the more expensive options that use phrases like “self-healing” or “self cleaning” screens. The Apple Smart Cover is a decent protection, but again just protects the screen from light blows.

2. Encase Them

Why not enclose them completely? A simple cover may not be enough, especially if you’re dealing with young children or clumsy adults. Check out Lifehacker’s 5 best cases and perhaps even splurge on the all-terrain survival case if you plan on taking your iPad while camping.

OtterBox is the #1 selling case for tablets, but it may not be the best use of your money if you’re an average user. Plus, a bulky case makes it much harder to fit into bags and purses.

3. Insure It

iPad warranties aren’t what they used to be as they become more affordable and therefore more disposable. Opt for AppleCare if you buy from a retail shop it will fully cover you in case anything happens to your device. Using your credit card card to buy your electronic devices may also include insurance. Check the fine print to see if your new (or refurbished) purchase is already covered.

4. Secure It

You can bring your iPad through most crowded areas in the city or airports and there won’t be a scratch on it, but you can still managed to ruin the screen by not storing it securely. Be careful if you fall asleep on the plane while reading. You might easily knock it over and wake up to a smashed tablet!

Accidents happen regardless of how old or how careful you are. Follow this advice to make sure that your iPad makes it through the year intact.

Let us know in the comments whether you ever broke your iPad screen.

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